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Data-driven content marketing for SaaS companies and agencies. Scale up your content to drive targeted traffic into your funnel.

“I know my product is a great solution. I just don’t have time, nor know how, to get it in front of my target customers?”

There are 5.6 billion searches per day. That’s 63,000 searches per second.

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Your audience is searching for answers and solutions. You have an amazing product that can solve their problems. How can you get in front of all those searches?

Simple. You need AMAZING content! Not the usual fluff. We mean really stellar, in-depth, valuable content that gets people to your site. Content so badass… that it’s written specifically for your target audience and positions your product as the best solution.

Wish you could outsource such a critical inbound marketing channel to trust-worthy experts?


You found us. Content Funnel offers conversion-focused content marketing for SaaS companies and agencies. Our team writes content that drives targeted traffic into your marketing funnel.

At ContentFunnel, we write with intent. Absolutely no fluff and no filler. Our content writers immerse themselves into understanding your industry and customer avatar to produce thoughtful blog posts that start conversations with your target audience.


You focus on running a business. We’ll focus on writing amazing content. Successful entrepreneurs know that such tasks are better assigned to experts. Here’s 9 reasons why:

More Customers

Regardless of what you're selling, we can drive traffic to your site through engaging content. When our content marketing funnel strategy is executed properly, it generates

Grow Faster

Establishing an effective content funnel generates more traffic which grows your audience, builds your email list, and generates leads or customers.

Save Time

SaaS teams and agencies should focus on product development and business growth. Content Funnel frees up your time while we Leave content creation in our team's capable hands!

End-To-End Process

We handle the entire process of developing a content strategy, writing amazing content, performing editor review, and publishing on your WordPress site or sending directly to your team.

Proven Inbound Funnel

Content marketing is effective for SaaS companies. We've personally grown our own SaaS products and agencies using the same content funnel framework we deliver for clients.


It's all too common that blogs go stale. Luckily, ContentFunnel is held accountable to deliver stellar long-form content every month. Never feel guilty again.

Save Money

Where else can you get a professional content marketing agency to write blog posts for a low fixed monthly rate with no long-term contracts? We save you money on day 1!

Consistent Voice

As perform in-depth research and planning to create search-engine optimized (SEO) high-quality content to attract your target audience. All aspects of content creation are custom tailored to your brand.

Long-Term ROI

A major benefit of growing a blog is the long-term return on investment (ROI) that is gained. Unlike ads, content will generate traffic for years to come.


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Why Content Funnel

Why ContentFunnel?

Niche Focused

We only create conversion focused blog content for the SaaS and B2B content marketing funnel

SaaS & Agency Experience

We operate and grow multiple SaaS platforms of our own. We understand your world inside-out!

Team Depth

Our team consists of content writers, advertisers, and SEO experts who work with large brands and startups.

Inbound Certified

All team members are Hubspot Inbound Marketing certified, & some are also Google Analytics and Ads certified.

Content Based Growth

We’ve grown our own companies primarily through content marketing and know how to do it for your brand.

Limited Client List

Unlike other agencies and providers, we only take a limited number of clients to ensure success for both parties.

We understand your audience, the content they want to read and the problems they hope you can solve. Leveraging our SaaS industry and SEO expertise, our content writing services lead the buyer through a content funnel that gets results.

Our Process

Research & Audit

After a detailed discovery call, we perform research, review your offerings, and audit your existing content and website (if any). Furthermore, we study competitors to identify opportunities and gaps.

Content Strategy

Based on the research and content audit, we prepare a strategy, draft topics, and outline a calendar. Our strategy is supported by traffic analytics and keyword research.

Content Creation

Upon approval, we outline articles and begin working directly with our writers to deliver the best content for your blog. Our team handles entire process from writing, to editing, setup & scheduling, and publishing.

Measure & Optimize

Our data-oriented team reviews analytics to dive into the numbers, identify what content visitors engaged with, and optimize for better results. Rinse and repeat!

Amazing Clients

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people. Here’s a few of them.

“Saved us A LOT of time, without ever having to worry about the communication, quality or the results."


Blogger Marketing Suite

“They are SEO Experts, Content Experts & 100% result focused!"


Human Powered Instagram Growth Agency

“A massive time saver - and therefore one of the best proven investments"


Top Level Podcasting Platform

Speed, Content, RESULTS - The three outstanding perks of working with Content Funnel

99 Robots

Digital Marketing & Web Development Agency

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$ 900 per Month
  • 2 Articles
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Mapping
  • Custom Designed Featured Image
  • Topic Outlines


$ 1800 per Month
  • 4 Articles
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Mapping
  • Custom Designed Featured Image
  • Topic Outlines
  • Publish to Site
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$ Starting at3500 per Month
  • 8 Articles
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Mapping
  • Custom Designed Featured Image
  • Topic Outlines
  • Publish to Site

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